Autism Concepts

Learning that your child has autism (or Autism Spectrum Disorder) can be a very heartbreaking, depressing, and overwhelming. And learning to accept that your child has autism can be very, very difficult. We know — we’ve been there and it took quite a bit of time and a lot of support from our families to get out of that emotional rut. Acceptance, though, was a necessary step in every story about autism. It was not until we finally accepted our child’s unique situation that we were able to move on and start working on helping him.

One Message to Parents of Recently Diagnosed Children

If there’s one message that we’d like to share with parents of children who as recently diagnosed with autism, it’s this — IT GETS BETTER. We wish someone would have told us this when we were thinking very negative thoughts after we learned that our child has autism. It gets better. With your help, your child will get better.

Why We Set Up This Website

We set up this website to share information on autism (including news and updates on current treatment methodologies) and our own experience in raising our child with autism. We also invite other parents who want to share their autism experiences and stories to contact us.

1 thought on “Autism Concepts

  1. Was advised to reach out and I have been given a list of sites to visit. We have had a heck of a 3 weeks around here. Between being diagnosed, and now more symptoms are coming out. Now we are awaiting specialist visits. To hear we are not the only ones, even though it would just be so easy to curl up and cry, I know WE have to stay strong to help our child. Just we are now searching and seeking any and all info we can to beable to do so. As we keep hitting roadblocks. The school fights with us to refuse to change the IEP. I finally made headway on that, but just seems always running into a closed door. Then I have to sit back and ask, now that I have a IEP meeting what do I ask for? Am I gonna look like an idiot since I only have recently learned about ASD. I am not an expert by no means, but I do know my child. I just want the best for him and this is his foundation.

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